Cool Kids 4 Christ

Camp Asbury

Warm Start

assists children ages 5-15 to learn about God and His desires for their lives, providing fun activities such as crafts, games, videos/DVDs, music, field trips, kids' outreach, courage sharing, and healthy interactions. Several adult volunteers are Safe Sanctuary certified.
is a month-long event held during summer vacation. It includes our Summer Meal Program (sponsored by St. Louis Public Schools, Vacation Bible School, the Asbury Reading Team (ART), African drumming classes, and daily activities.
is a safe haven for children waiting for their school bus or walking to school. Warm Start operates each SLPS school day 5:30 - 8:30 AM. The children are offered refreshments of granola bars and fruit juice (also hot chocolate during the cold months), in addition to words of encouragement and concern. The team may also provide winter outer garments for needy children.  Learn more about Warm Start.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

The Real Deal

Journeymen Job Corps (JJC)

is a monthly worship experience designed for young people. The primary focus is on Christ-centered experiences which develop the body, the mind and the spirit. Activities include things that impact youth.
is held in conjunction with Camp Asbury in July. It is a specialized form of religious education which focuses on children and provides God-centered fun and learning for children who might never have an opportunity to know about Jesus.
is a Saturday morning program whereby Asbury UMC employs youth of the community to perform odd jobs around the church and community for pay. The students learn valuable life lessons and job preparedness skills from the volunteer supervisor.

Congregational Care Ministry (CCM)

United Methodist Women (UMW)

United Methodist Men (UMM)

The focus is to extend care, concern, prayer and support for individual members as needed. CCM engages members of the congregation in ongoing spiritual, emotional and physical expressions of living faithfully within the Body of Christ.
A supportive, inclusive community of Christian Women where women grow spiritually, develop as leaders, and serve and work to create a world in which all women, children, and youth thrive.
supports spiritual growth among men within the congregation by helping men to mature as Christ's followers, and encourage spiritual formation in others.

Small Groups MInistry

The Seniors Group

Communications Ministry Team

are places of faith formation and disciple making. They offer the ability to welcome and nurture people in the church and in the faith.
Asbury's Senior Adult Ministry, is designed to entertain, inform and inspire older members of the church and the community. The Christ-centered activities addresses the social, spiritual, physical, and educational needs of men and women 55 and older, but all ages are welcome to participate.
utilizes modern technology to communicate the Gospel of Christ. The Team creates content for and manages the church's newsletter, website, its social media presence and other communications media as needed by the church family.

Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of life at Asbury UMC. The congregation and choir join voices as they sing the hymns during worship service. We strive to connect with Jesus as we perform, appreciate, and share in the music during every service.